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Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting Outline Cont

2. Standards for making a report of child abuse Penal Code


a) When the reporter knows or has reasonable cause to believe or suspect that a child has been abused or neglected.

When the reporter observes any child being subjected to conditions or circumstances that would reasonable result or neglect.

b) Privilege Communications Penal Code 14-3-210

Only the clergy- pertinent and attorney-client privileges are


c) Inclusions of Reporter's name in report Penal Code 14-3-206

d) The reporter is not specifically required to provide his or her name in the written report unless the reported is a mandated reporter. If photographs or x-rays of the child are taken, the person taking the photographs must be identified.

3. Details of minimum requirements for essential information to be included in the report.

a) A description of how the reporter learned of the injuries or neglect and any actions taken to help the child.

b)Previous history information on injuries, assaults or neglect.

c) Include also the date, time, address and relationship to the

(possible) victim.

d) The perpetrator's name, agency, position,address,telephone

number, and signature.

4. Abuse or neglected suspected at an institution or facility.

a) Mandated reporters are required to file a report whenever

there is reasonable cause to suspect or believe any resident of a care facility has been abused or neglected.

b) Suspected Child Abuse Report

****To be completed by Mandated Child Abuse Reporters

Pursuant to Penal Code section 11166

****Report can be completed on line and submitted to the

Department of Children and Family Services at Website

http: //

or call the hot line number (1-800) 540-4000. Make sure

you retain a copy for follow up information.

****Designated Agency: Within 36 hours of receipt of form

SS8572, send white copy to police or Sheriff's department,

Blue copy to district attorney's office if form is sent manually.

****Current California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting

Law: Penal Code 11164-11174.3 can be assessed on the Internet at http//

5. Assessing Child Abuse, Signs and Symptoms

a) History of Child Abuse include the following:

***********Physical Abuse

***********Physical Neglect

***********Sexual Abuse

***********Emotional Maltreatment

b) indicators of Physical Abuse

************Location of injury


************Behaviors indicators

************Abrasions, lacerations

************Bite Marks


c) Physical Neglect

************Indicators of Neglect

d) Emotional Maltreatment

************Emotional Abuse

e) Behavioral indicators of Children

f) Sexual Abuse

************Indicators of Sexual Abuse

************History of Sexual Abuse

g) Behavioral indicators of older children and adolescents

i) Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

6. Consequences for failing to report Child Abuse

************Penalties for failure to report

************Penalties for false reporting

 *********Learning Objectives*********

------Identifying Mandated Reporters

------Standards for making a Report of Child Abuse

------Child Protective Services Privileged Communications

-------Disclosing the Reporter's identity

-------Assessing Child Abuse: Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse

-------Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

-------Understand the legal consequences for failure to make

Suspected Child Abuse Report

Target Audience: California Pre- License


This course meets the prelicense and requirement for California Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor licenses. For details regarding pre-licensure requirements, visit the following BBS web pages:

ASW: requirement.shtml


California Prelicense Requirement

This course meets the requirement that California LCSW, LMFT, licenses obtain seven hours of training in Child Abuse and Reporting for details regarding licensure requirements, visit the following BBS web page:

Continuing Education

This course is designed for Licensed Social Workers,

Marriage and Family Therapist and other Licensed Mental

Health Practitioners who are looking for an overview

of clinician issues related to Child abuse and Reporting.