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                   Continue Education Provider # 5435

Enhance your knowledge obtain your Board of Behavioral Sciences

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When you see this clock if for timing the classes for 7 hrs.

Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting CEU's 7 Hours

Course Description: This Seven-Hour course provides a basic overview of the importance of Identifying mandated reporters

and how to recognize the sign and symptoms of child abuse.

How to communicate with Child Protective Services laws

and procedure for reporting child abuse. Learn about Prevention, Intervention and Treatment of child abuse. Learn about the consequences about failing to report child abuse.

Course Outline:

1. Mandated Reporters- generally include, but are not limited

to the following individuals:

a) Social Worker

b) Therapist

c) License Social Worker

d) Psychologist


f) MD's

g) Child Advocate

h) Chiropractor

i) Clergy

j) Physical Therapist

k) Commercial film photographic processors

l) Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistance, Medical Assistant,

Physician Assistant Certified

m) Ophthalmologist, Optometrist

0) Pharmacist

p)Physical Therapist

q) Police Officers

r)Parole Officers

s) Public Health Service Providers

t)School Principals, teachers, teachers assistant,guidance

counselors, Dean of Students, and paraprofessionals, all school


u) Sexual Assault and battered women's counselor, substance

abuse rehabilitation counselors, and child care workers.

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